Monday, 30 July 2012


WELCOME Ladies and Gentlemen
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So here you are on the cusp of a great epoch, an era that has endured and experienced much.  The absolute hyper jump into technological advance has been quite astonishing- new discoveries and breakthroughs are happening at exponential rates, but so is your inability to cope as organic beings with the environment your previous technological experiments have decimated.  Now when i say experiment i mean fossil fuels/ vehicles running off fossil fuels, for 100 years is the blink of an eye and not quite a substantial enough time frame for dictating the fuel "burning" engine to be a permanent solution to any civilization on any planet. The absolute contrast between conscience evolution and technological advance is a disturbing factor for within this void comes the rulers of your planet your financial, governmental and religious institutions, all which hold a military imperative of total control.

 Yes it is true in order to analyze a society and for that matter a growing global community, you will need to observe and note all the preceding factors to present.  The true question is what is disables you from thriving, what is the inhibiting factor that most violently suppresses true unity with existence and in that eachother.  Well lets start mainly by naming the influencing agents in mans self destruction. These are all institutions that are inherit in man for none are bad by themselves but are merely used for "DARK INTENTIONS".  Government, religious, military, financial, scienctific- Lets call these the Big Five these are in my view the main motivators in the agenda toward a centralized control of your planet for evil purposes. All of the big five will eventually fuse into one big machine for it will be in laymen s terms a scientific dictatorship with of course the scientific rhetoric being the religious aspect of it all, but until that time we still have organized religion playing a massive part in dissolving mans true natural spirituality and tainting it with ignorance.

Lets begin with Religion:
Because we do not know for sure and can
only base most claims of religious actuality
on a few artifacts which give no more proof than having a modern day christian bible does.  What we are able to see is the repercussions of having an almost fanatical belief system i can say with all confidence that at least a billion people have died at the hands of others over religious beliefs, not so much anymore but alas everything evolves...  Now religion in my understanding came about as primitive man did seek to become acquainted with what he/she did not understand.  The sun, the moon, the stars all that gave life and could take away, most of what was unreachable was quantified as being Gods, even extra terrestrial life for their shear technological advances would have been classified as Gods by lowly beings who understood but the act of hunting, killing , fucking and sleeping - man began to contemplate though,  
man is curious and wants to be certain, security an important facet of existing on such a small and seemingly insignificant scale.  As these belief systems , dare i use the word evolved, they became organized, institutionalized and easy to control- for many flock toward a leader.  The rest is common history and modern day religions have long been infiltrated by those who use it for their benefit.

The means "to 'Steer' the mind"
Govern - Ment(al) . This aspect of it all
is rather simple as it relates to mere organization
and the simple need for leadership.  The human man needs a structured environment in which to grow, one that makes sense to both him and his fellow man.  But again the institutions can much easier be taken over by tyrants in modern days for it is so much easier to deceive a population if you void them of any real educational aims, to train a citizenry through constant repetition of its laws and statutes so that passivity sets in and creates a literal zombie nation that follows its governments every whim on what is good and what is bad without ever taking a look at the world for themselves.  One example- Marijuana and its amazing benefits being illegal in contrast with alcohol with nothing but cons to its name being legal.

Now this aspect is purely primal and feeds off the will to survive and the dealing of threats.  Except in this day and age that threat perception is being bombarded everyday by fear based propaganda.  The tendency toward violent behavior is within our very being and seeds through from our ancestral memories as bloody battles from the past still play out in our genetics.  The military industrial complex is based on fear manipulation, in order for war to happen we need an enemy and in this wheels of the empire keep turning.  Always afraid our comfort zones will be breached by those very same ideas that seem so very different, the very same ideas that have been trying to break down the mental prisons we have established for ourselves. Its as simple as that War is a business and the irony being that the true enemy is the one feeding us an enemy.

World Finance:
Now this is the simple one, very well the easiest tool to dominate a people with.  In this age of materialism there is almost nothing as important as the security that people gain from having a bit of money in their pockets.  But its all an illusion, they hold nothing but paper and plastic and the actual worth nothing but an idea backed by nothing.
Yes as this famous quote but the dirty Mayer Amschel Rothschild goes , it is rightly said for this is exactly how this planet is being controlled right now and this aspect of our world plays into all the rest of the others.  For without finance at this very moment these machines of death and deception could not operate- because everyone has a job they are trying to keep in desperation.  Religious donations alone could solve the worlds hunger problems and thats not even to mention the millions of dollars spent a day on wars.  The world is slowly becoming a corporatocracy that is gaining more and more momentum each day as more and more facets of our lives and societies are being overtaken by private interests and patented.  A corporate scientific dictatorship that will view the perfection of a docile, subordinate workforce inline with profit motive.  All i can say is FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Education as it stands is a farce, and children are merely taught to be inter changeable cogs and wheels in a repetitive system of parrots beaking the party line.  This is the coming religion, but beware this wont be science and it isnt science, the universities of today hold a regurgitation of the information they dont understand- The human past which is riddled with holes, artifacts that point to alien visitation, quantum science that lead to conclusion that the human mind plays as much a part energetically as hands do physically in this world.   The Scientocracy will be about creating false sustainable development at the cost of human lives...again i can olny some one thing.... EUGENICS.
Now these are all areas being used in dumbing down real progress as we rediscover who we are.  In order to overcome mistakes one needs to understand that one has made a mistake.  Its a matter of seeking your roots and following them back to where you are now and seeing what does not belong- With REAL EYES we REALIZE-

Now that we have somewhat broken down some factors that has haunted mans progress for a few thousand years we can look upon the horizon with new eyes knowing that we have recognized what was ailing us and we can now make knowledgeable decisions to create new life patterns for our specie and the direction we want our societies to move in.

 In order for us to live in full progress we must first recognize a simple truth, a truth that can be found in music... Harmony.  We get sympathetic resonance when we play notes of the same tuning whether or not they are of lower or higher octaves, they sound in tune. In this we must realize that we are a system living within a system that is the biodiversity of our planet earth.  It sustains us and suffice it to say, it provides union that is biologically perfect.  So as in music we must follow the beat of the EARTH/HEART  and stay within harmony with the symphony that is nature- for to steer away from it completely will mean a loss of all beauty,dignity and morality.  Still before we can achieve this goal of unity with home we will first need to have unity of man.  Peace is the imperative for a true progressive Earth people,  but for peace to reign the desperation of need will have to be abolished, true sustainable energy sources installed and all historical truth of our origins released.

The influx of capitalism definitely played its destructive hand on countries unprepared for the profit over environment mentality.  To evolve one must take a step backward to see the creation and then to jump back into it- otherwise we trudge on blindly into oblivion, always attacking the symptoms but never the cause.  So man is evolving as he is able to accept his fellow man and the differences that he brings even though most of those differences are products of that same toxic environment that he comes from... The process takes time and is ever ongoing and will hopefully come upon the singularity realization that all is one in an energetic sense, the fact that all is a mirror pattern of infinity and that we play a huge part in the universal dynamic...

We are in a sense emissaries of order (JEDI) but of course there is always duality -Disorder and the (SITH)
But as CROWLEYS the book of the law says there is LOVE and LOVE one A SERPENT ONE IS A DOVE... So i suppose to me that means evil can hide in the form of love, or disorder can hide its face in order... An atom (destruction) hides in a facility under a government which is very ordered.

Non the less these are my thoughts... take them as you will.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


GOOD DAY- Its a Rap- so wrap it up and send it to the right people 

Let’s reminisce on Jews, Muslims and Christians World War 2 brought the united nations into existence with consistent persistence they keep on pushing their plan all of us still influenced by some or other hidden hand.  With AIPAC at the top of US foreign policy don’t you see the pattern between Ashkenazi reverse victim psychology, Jewish people aren’t the enemies they are but the scape goats in this massive global conspiracy- History reveals if researched the NAZI Zionist threat – Neoconic illusions to confuse, a ruse to get you upset as new laws and statutes come into effect that make it a crime to tell the truth about Palestinian genocide perpetrated by Israel, a racist state in fact they robbed and pillaged the most Arab’s lands instead of living together in harmony Anti-Defamation league, peaceful probability, critical credibility. 
 ILLUMINATI bankers at the top Bernanke wants a cut of what he’s already got, that lizards got no empathy no moral sensibility and Rothschild’s system of money based integral interdependency.  Hey you slaves you sheeple wake the fuck up don’t you see what’s going on? False flag attacks on Iran, a ban on reporting in Sudan Darfur and the rest, considerable losses I must detest, the arrest, my rights are read. New world order erasing every border into one big super state riot cops, thought police mind rape. Search and destroy, deceptive tactics are to be employed through Joy and through pain here comes FEMA with red and blue lists calling your name.
  Don’t think this only applies to Americans, the world’s populations are endanger of cataclysmic annihilation .  the  ELITE know this, they want to use us all for slavery, that was the agenda when we were first created , genetically manipulated, tools for space aliens , the Draco’s or either the paladeians , this closed minded society, no variety , repeating that circle again and again , reprimanding your assailants hand for the harm that he has done.

Deception their only defensive measure for winning elections, revolution is mentioned, the streets break out in protest, we forget superficial things, we’ll use every whim the people of earth, even since birth when your imagination was still vibrant , true inner enlightened alignment .  Inconsequential design makes it time to revolt against dictatorial tyrants. Robotic drones calling the white house home, ring ,ring, Mr. president it’s the red phone.  Its genera patreuss just wondering if were still going through with the satanic séances- the exact time on which Baghdad was first bombed precisely 5:50 on the 20th march correlates perfectly with the pagan calendar, these people are evil, inter-dimensional demons, im calling open season on logic and reason, monumental lies and treason, human rights violations and false freedoms. Wars are meant for changing mentalities, so we’d observe passively, with tongue in cheek, ignore the weak, reject the meek that’s what they want our perceptions to be ego-maniacal, irresponsible, dependant on corporate incentive relentless attempts at an artificial friend ship to get control of our life, our brains,our bodies and ultimately our minds with the soul inside, the essence that truly keeps us alive, on the astral planes it never rains, SURVIVE! Here goes my battle cry!
Bodies heaped so high they touch the sky, look into a freemasons eyes to find the what’s and whys’ the reason why so many people had to die. Another thing, we all know 9/11 was an inside but I bet you didn’t know it was acted out by the Israeli mossad.  What nerve these fuckers have to think they can play god, it’s all the same they own the drug trade, always have since the Chinese opium wars, that gave the elite the prospect of a white open door, I want to expose this bullshit right to its corruptive core and gut the beast inside we’ll call her babylons WHORE. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Hello And Good Day to all its 2012! Hell yeah

I have yet to finish my posts on the said drug wars and accumulation of drug money and also saskatoons many esoteric buildings and bass reliefs... But i thank you once again for joining me here at the Phoenix Pharm for an installment of the strange and yet not so strange _ What ST(reet) Which Range?  follow the strange

Today i would just like to basically analyze the truth as it stands and the retardation of our moral compasses in a world gone completely mad.  Well i should rather say

a world gone insane with sick societies which welcome the 
absolute passivity of mind controlled drooling zombie drones.
But this is obvious if we just take a little time looking up from our daily insignificant problems, I mean for instance its july 14th and i need to make 900 dollars for rent by august 1st and ive applied for jobs but i dont have one yet... Yes i suppose i worry but in all essence it wont kill me or my family if the money doesnt come into my possession.  But this is a basic example i think the majority of the world has to deal with, it gets dumber than that i assure you.  It gets retarded when we get into the aspect of materialism and how we start assuming circum(FERENCE)stances to be problems that consist of reasons as getting the newest cell phone or shoes or clothes to merely be accepted by peers or equally sick people in society.
Yes i mean since the dawn of time in grouped clusters of people in all types of civilizations leading from tribes to massive societies people have wanted to be part of the group, to feel that they belong, that they matter.  But im starting to think this was not so with everyone or most likely the normal human did not need to acquiesse with the hive mentality so much.  I believe, that idea of thinking was perhaps introduced like so many other concepts that have shaped our minds. 
 Let us quickly breakdown the idea of the common man within his natural world...  Well man as it stands is a warm climate creature when in the nude, but of course temperature defined mans need for survival inevitably as adaption became the course of the day.  But i suppose man always had the versatility to survive as a creature of habitual adaption... - Now to our mental processes as they stand- I think we can safely assume the brains capacity as a super computer that can be programmed through repetition, and then through habit of doing and and repeating we would become comfortable in our way of doing things whether or not from the outside we would seem sick and perverted.  It is only then when adversity strikes our daily lives that we break from the pattern and not-ice another.  Yet i am sure there is a part of a population that already realizes the sickness of the group yet is afraid of being labeled the outsider or even in some cases facing death for pointing out the fucking stupidity at which we handle eachother, ourselves and the obvious truth.  But this fear to is programmed i am assuming.
Let us look at a few basic premises that might be the causing effect of the malignancy of passivity for lies in our society- - It is definitely the world over.  Well lets see which are overbearing factors in the common folks life? The government and religion-  First of all religion as it comes to organized religion has segregated man from the true essence for it has institutionalized the communication between the personal you and the universe(God) - The last millinea has been plagued by the horrors of organized religion, it has pushed man into a box of limited possibility and has mad the common folk feel powerless, like cogs in the machine, and to force that acquiescence- the good old government and their armies made sure that the people knew who to praise and never to steer away from--- And ofcourse after a few hundred years of this shit people started developing the Stockholm syndrome and fell inlove with their protecter(murderer) the church and state--- And they started policing each other more and more and more... " Oh what you are different? oh what you like nature?"  "WITCH!!!! burn the WITCH!!!! fucking imbeciles i tell yah--its honestly hard for me to believe the rubbish thats gone in this world and we are still at it.---- Are you starting to see my drift?  Now also with the coupling of ancestral memory and habitual hereditary practices passed on from parent to parent to child -generation on and on and on- this crap still continues =....But good news its wearing off- it is old programming for scared people and we are starting to wake up to the higher arts once more.   

That is in my opinion a simple history of how i think the group think began- Man used to be independent, but of course control cant exactly be exerted over an independent public.  So now we return the present and we shall see how more of these retarded practices are taking place to ever more erode our freedoms and of course make us dependent upon the state.  Religion is also in a sense being now destroyed for it is falling out of control of the elite globalist priest cabal- it actually is a place of solace and organization for people who are for the most part really really GOOD people.  Its all up to the state(world bank) now with more and more ridiculous tactics of fear and subversion... Now that the terrorist card is almost up and people are starting to realize that Al-qaida   is a CIA op. That the whole war on terror is just a marketing scheme, that invading countries to quote "SAVE THE PEOPLE FROM THE EVIL TYRANTS" is just another way to support perpetual wars to secure a harder grip on the world militarily and to stop honest countries from progressing and become self sustainable and not dependent upon massive oil, energy and food corps for their survival.  I mean for FUCK SAKES THE U.S.(UN and NATO) ALONE HAS KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE LAST TEN YEARS THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY!!! MOSTLY CIVILIANS!!!! It takes time for people to notice the obvious and take action. Slowly but surely our consciousness is evolving and we are become much more effective in our communication to each other about matters of the world and I am glad to see it--- 
But hey now we are on the green card -- the fake climate change scandals with no scientific proof and the sustainable development scam--- oh yeah baby-  now let us look at the retardation of this as well...
SO you have a bunch of billionaire rich fucks who fly in private jets to climate change conferences and then have the slimy dirty scum infested balls to tell us that they now have a plan to save the world from us because we are the ones driving the destruction with all the garbage technology and resource management they supply us with.  So they tell us hey we will cram you into micro apartments and small compact cities your aren't allowed to enter into nature or really be free at all and you can only drive on designated roads.... OH and those AFRICAN PEOPLE? Well they arent allowed to develop and flourish because we have become the Gods of Man and we tell you what is right and wrong--- oh look at me Im Richard Branson  an imbecile that thinks is a good person telling us that we should use less fossil fuels or oil companies spouting that line when they are the ones who destroyed Teslas real sustainable technology- Or what MELINDA AND BILL GATES with all their money telling us the world needs less people and that poor people dont deserve children because they dont have money and they need to be steralized- These idiots have no limits -- I mean 1 billion dollars allocated from Bills huge sum of riches could most likely if used well enough make half of africa sustainable taking into effect we use the real technology available and show people how to be independent- Yup thats the plan, we are trying to make them depend upon us.  


Nothing like a little anger to give you ambition to drive you to do the right things eh? It feels good!!!!
This next picture is what i want to see before the end the of the year... WILL IT HAPPEN? That is up to us.