Friday, 20 April 2012

420 - the Color Revolution

The Day of 42---/  THE CONDUIT DAY


In the big mass of things we have spun another Thread in what is to be the Loom of the universe,  we are upon another Revolution in the wheel of the universe.  Think about a day of great siginificance to have a signature  SIGN-NATURE --(sigil)  Today many people will smoke a whole lot of marijuana- 420 the holiday for celebrating cannabis that wonder plant with its many medical, environmental and textile applications. Also a day known to have a many various historical significances such as being Adolf Hitlers birthday.  Non the less this day has a certain feeling and vibe to it, it feels like a day of
open dissent toward a system intent upon invading the freedoms of
human beings natural to this planet of EARTH. For this day for me feels like a day of open expression, one where we the many grow the proverbial balls people often talked about. A day where we say FUCK YOU to the royal/PRIEST class scum and their system of enslavement---42--42--42---42--42---42---42---42---42---42---42
- its the idea of a revolution of a ball, as we roll and turn the EVENT HORIZION.its a CONDUIT  ---CON-(duat) DAY  its the day of the DUAT the day of the rainbow the day where the 42 degrees of the rainbow meet our minds. Where we might meet the requirments to enter the rabbit whole but first we need to find a key to the rainbow road- so our PINE -eal gland might reflect the 42 degrees of duat in the EGYPTIAN UNDERWORLD(Rabbit hole of consiousness) and where we will become the conduit for cosmic energy. MAAT will judge our  HEARTS to her FEATHER (earth)(ether)  Through the EARTH you are grounded between the ionospere and the surface of the EARTH - The schumann resonance is our way into infinity with the body and the mind (THE RYTHM IS THE KEY AS THEY OPEN UP THE DOOR) There is a cavity that acts as a conducter between the atmosphere, for as lightning continuously strike, as many as a 1000 times at any moment. There exists a voltage potential of approx 200000 Volts at any give place inbetween the EARTH and the inner edge of the IONOSPHERE 55 kilometers up, it is an upFLOW(er)ING Current.  To be observed the electro magnetic  quasi standing waves have to be stimulated and excited. This I believe can be done through the HEART (earth), for the Heart is able to generate magnetic field fluxes- for one truely can control the HEART , we are just not conciously trying to gain control of our bodily processes. You have a CHEST - a treasure chest for your Heart... One should be able to use ones body as a conduit through which electomagnetism may flow/ i believe though it to be a much subtler energy------------ for everything is connected through its composite and related systems--- For example: Each Chakra acting as a Nodal point on the acupuncture energy meridians on the body correlates with the 7 Colors 7 Notes 7 Colors 7 days of the week -- just an example though for this is much more complicated than I rightly understand- For there is a system of 12 set up in this universe as their are 12 TONES/ on the piano  7 White and 5 black, each set seperated by Ascending or Descending OCTAVES-----Octagonal AVENUE ---- reminds me of a DOUBLE SQUARE geometery.  Perhaps all that seperates DI-men-Zions
are G8 ways like so many wondeful SYNCHROMISTICISTS have expressed.  The 8 ways of the GATE WAYS---
Lets explore some words --- Lets discuss
the nature of the vibrating/fluxing Universe we live in. 
42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42 The Key is SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE BABY!!!!
A cascade of electro magnetic WAVES surround us--W-avenues/ up and down paths.  We interperet these waves with our Brain computer through electrical impulses into what we see around us, our Emotions are Energy in motion for at high intensities of emotion do we notice allot of extra sensory phenomenon for example we feel a tense vibe in the air when entering a room.  When events happen there is a collapse of the last event as moments - CO-lapse and sync with one another.  It is on what we place importance/ Or as we IMPORT- a tense/ or tension and depending on how tightly WOUND or UNWOUND(coiled and uncoiled) the STRING is, gives it its tension and  this will determine what type of KEY it becomes- For there are 12 KEYS, Its the strings tension that also determines how much energy may enter and be bounced off it. For Tension or TENSE is also time related --TIME:EMITS    Past tense-present tense-Future tense. What Im getting to is that 42/ the day of 420 is the time of year in our 365 day string that is the symbolic nodal point of  the RAINBOW - The point in time where tensions are loosened and in the light of the peacfull customs of Rastafarians we all toke up!!! Its where we unwind and let the KUNDALINI SERPENT SPIRIT flow through us up our SPINE(pine)/ rings a BELL in my HEAD to the movie title "The Serpent and The Rainbow"   Either way that was a tidbit good ness from Me to You ... Dont forget  be a STUDENT OF THE RAINBOW---- A PUPIL OF THE IRIS.

Peace of Pi--lol i like that.


Monday, 16 April 2012


THE SONS OF THE SUNS of the (F)ather -(ETHER)

Good day/ evening/ night/MOURNING---Sunshine.  

Who are you and who am I- why you know what we are? We are the STARS for it is within those nuclear furnaces that all matter was created, and scattered throughout the universe.  All these chemical elements eventually attach themselves to gas and through centripetal (Latin:Centrum= center/ Petere= Seek) and Centrifugal forces (Fugere = to flee) so literally to SEEK center or to FLEE center. All of these chemical elements are attracted to one another and spin around a common center to create bodies(Planets).  As many people describe this vortexual energy- like EDDIES(mini surface whirlpools) in water. Turns out organic life as we know it is based upon the most common chemical elements in the observable universe Hydrogen, Oxygen and carbon for those bond together and create organic compounds. I should say though Helium is the second most abundant- For Helium is named after the Greek god of the sun HELIOS. As you can SEA/SEE through the point im making we pretty much are STARDUST.  It is these Fusion centres which create within themselves the very things necessary for life to exist.  These are the g8 ways that we are.  This is saying nothing of consciousness, for where doth this perceptive power spring ? Where is this WELL located for within it we may SYNC, and sink well we will.   The Well is the SUN and the bucket to get whats in the well is the PINEAL gland ---your pine cone.

Where do you find yourself right now? Are you the center of everything in your world? Your always right in the thick of it all- or at least where your choices lead you.  The whole world surrounds you like a circle and you a dot in the middle of it all but never quite centered just like PI you are transcendental and you are irrational to the manufactured view of the SLAVE system, you and i are infinite. PI the circle that surround you are infinite.        ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This symbol is the Egyptian hieroglyph for the SUN.
We are what IS,IS whats around it. We are ISIS unveiled
At least we have it in our DNA to do so, yet our true connection to the universe and all life stays dormant.  ---- Up the s-PI-ral stair case to (H)eaven so that all maybe even and balanced once more, AS ABOVE SO BELOW . Earth a reflection of the heavens, And we basically are the SUNS of heaven experiencing themselves in different forms through extension. The symbol for the SUN also seems to be an eye- as if a relation between the two were being formulated for our perception.
We too may rise to the stars and be born of FIRE only perhaps to fall to ashes and destroy what surrounds us- As goes the cycles of the yet so unknown cosmos lost through the ages.  From the bowels of the earth might come a great fire or force unexpected by all of us. This mythological bird SEAMS to have allot of connections to and fro as it connects to many Occult groups in relation to the ELITES and their various use of the eagle symbol in their logos of similar roman conquest.
The phoenix holds true to us just as much as anything else that exists. For with death comes rebirth, and so we must L/earn the lessons through life and retain the experience that we have gained in this one to the next and we grow more powerful as we  gather and seek more knowledge.
Through the SUN as a conduit do we gain understanding. THE KHABS IS IN THE KHU, NOT THE KHU IN THE KHABS.   ------------ the driving force that surrounds/ the ethereal next dimensional density  water/A.K.A the SPIRIT.    Khu= Spirit,  Khabs= stars.     What we are as beings with understanding and the ability to change at will the events and circum(FERENCE)stances that surround our lives/Ives/HIVES?
---------------------------------------- /       Light can illuminate to truth or it can blind /------/ somethings are just obvious.

Sorry for the small photo/ it says PHOENIX brands .   Goodbye sunshine.



Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The River That EYE came from.

THE RAINBOW CAVE-- To Wave Avenue we go

Well come on in then-  So my friends how are you this day - journey with me to the valley of the EYE.
become my student for a few minutes and let us examine the road to ode- the colorful spectrum path that leads to the vistas that expand to infinity- Ah and let me mention just how glad ive been to have seen so much traffic on my blog so far its been just awesome!---------------- Why have I.eye.YOU led you here? Well for the purpose of giving you information that you might have never heard or thought about.---------- For this little tid bit of info  you must first REALIZE with REAL EYES to SEA-SEE-.

First of all I need you to know that there are no accidents, but there are coincidences--- but dont misinterpret it with random events for nothing is chance but as our paradoxical universe works everything is.  Coincidences are CO-INCIDENCES of events as they string together through fractal reality.  For a Coin has 2 sides, 3 if you count the rim that surrounds both. COIN-IN-CIDES(sides)  -----EYE SEA.

For you sea paths go one way or another, cause brings effects and affects Cause bringing effects to cause effects
ad infinitum. By this logic it seems that choice is created and leads either one way or another unless death occurs and choice is circumvented by a third way of things. For choice seems to come from the Circum(FERENCE)stances that we find ourselves in as we traverse the circle of life (Pi).  But to DIE would signify a switch fRom one foRm to another or just a change in position. For DI(e) could mean 2.  I feel a little DUALISM coming on.----------------

We see so many examples of dualism in our world-- Plus,Minus--Positive, Negative--Male, Female.--above, below--Good, Evil ---Light,Dark---BLACK WHITE--- Are you an individual?
or are you  IN-DIVIDED-DUALISM.   It seems that we are constantly in the tug and pull of difference, being judged and decided upon by those who see themselves as more high and mighty than the rest of us.
I Will use myself as an example... I am a male -yet i admit full well that i have some female attributes to myself, for i can never just be one or the other - but both at the same time/ My body might be patriarchal, but my personality might be the exact opposite and be matriarchal- everything is a mirror in this universe and reflects   every other thing.








We look at the world - and we seem to live our lives and make our choices according to past events never the future- for how can we ever know what the future holds? We might try to predict what will happen and plan for it but we will always be drawing from past experiences, nothing original but everything completely unique- for the UNI-verse/Multi-verse is infinite and fractal.---- and so the Dream SEAMS thread together.
To create the TAPESTRY- as David Icke so rightly calls it.  So which way does the flower-FLOW-----
To 42-the rain bow road----- the degree of 42- where the spectrum of constituent colors appear to us.  Its not that they aren't always there but 42 is the STA(i)R WAY to heaven or hell. All is vibration, a resonant symphony of colliding frequencies - We  are swimming A(round) in a cascade of waves and energies invisible to our naked (EYES)I's)  Not so much for our PI/NEAL GLANDS though---PINE(cone) for when it is activated we SEA all, we see our physical (PHI-CYCLE) reality as it actually is... a dynamic infinity that enfolds and unfolds itself around itself at the same time.   Are you ready to be a student of life?
                                                           Let Us Realize with REAL EYES

The CENTER / the big BLACK HOLE is called the PUPIL (Student)

The COLORED AREA/  is called the IRIS (Rainbow)  Iris means rainbow in Latin.

                                                  A STUDENT OF THE RAINBOW
                                      You Know more than you knew before
STAIR through the looking GLASS.

                                                                ready to join the Lodge of Logic

Thanks for visiting the PHARM!

Namaste Sun bow/Rain bow

Sunday, 8 April 2012


The Road Less Traveled - A path that leads to more than what you have known before.

Welcome once again my human family to the Phoenix Pharm, where we explore the strangeness that is our reality.  As im sure most of you know its the EASTER weekend --- So lets go ahead and explore what most of you dont know- So where is this going to lead us, why into the EAST! ofcourse.  To the old culture of Babylon (I dont understand you, you are babbling, babylon)  We would all like to know for certain that our beliefs in religion are securely based on factual reality. Unfortuneatly it takes research and peering in the Hidden side of things to really be sure of anything.  For how can one possibly know the truth of anything unless you seek it.  The common man might know easter as something to do with Ham, Jesus, Eggs and rabbits, but for those who have seen its true origins know it is much different.
History has so much more to show than is allowed by those victors of wars who have covered up the links between cultures so that we might never find out that we are much more of an ancient specie with a far more colorful past than we could have ever imagined.
Easter is a ritual which has its roots in many cultures, if we think of the christian version then we can see a reflection of celestial events. Even though the dates are different for many stories of the easter ritual, the basis is the same; the vernal spring time equinox. Natures cycles play an integral part in how most cultures(PRIEST CLASS) from the past regulated their lives and that of their societies,  and if you would look a little closer at modern day religions you would see they borrow allot from ancient religions and traditions.  I would like to note though that the way the world works currently as a financial, war mongering machine seems be far away from what nature had intended.

............................ THE SPRING EQUINOX in ham string:   It is the cosmic announcement of spring
 where the winter SUN dies and  where the summer SUN is ressurected and born again to cause EQUINOX as : "equal night" as the SUN hangs on the solar cross of equinox and solstice it descends for 3 days and is reborn.  This happens on March 20 or March 21 depending on leap year gregorian calender incongruencies.Precisely on March 20 at 05:14 universal time. The Sun will cross directly over the EARTH's equator, and of course when it turns to spring in the Northern Hemisphere it will become Autumn in the southern hemisphere, this is all caused by the 23.5 degree tilt at which the EARTH faces the SUN as it orbits. Anyway Easter usually lands on the first sunday after the first full moon (look at the sky tonight).  For in spring time the "LIGHT OF THE WORLD"  rises and defeats the darkness, the rites of fertility of life begins.

 This beautiful day is a nodal point for the EARTH in its seamlessly eternal wobble toward the procession of the equinoxes where the Kali Yuga shall end and and a new age shall begin.  An age where man will hopefully have outgrown all the greedy and unhealthy tendencies instilled and provided for us by THE RULING ELITE PRIEST CLASS and their Astrotheological rituals.
           There is a reason why the word SUMMER is so close to SUMER-think Sumerian the ancient lands of MESO-POTAMIA, the land of babylon the lands between the rivers.  Let me tell you the story of the the self proclaimed goddess ISHTAR.  According to Biblical chronology Noah(the super awesome bio-vault boat guy)  had a Son name HAM and then Ham had a Son named CUSH
Cush married the assyrian Queen Semerimas, Cush and Semerimas had a Son named Nimrod.
            After King CUSH died Nimrod married Semerimas his mother and became a powerful king and ofcourse a king has a queen;his momma. So the kingdom of BABEL began.  So as the story goes Nimrod was finally killed ( here the story seems to compare quite well with the egyptian story of OSIRIS and ISIS) his body was cut up in pieces and scattered- all were eventually recovered except for one; His penis/ PHALLUS(obelisk) .  Here began the mystery religion of EASTER(ISHTAR)
for she claimed that Nimrod had now ascended to the SUN and has become the SUN GOD "Baal".
She being his counterpart became the equivalent moon-goddess. Often Compared to The VIRGIN MARY Semerimas announced to the people of the kingdom a few facts of her godly existence.
  • She came down in a moon egg that fell in Euphrates river
  • She was concieved immaculately.
The moon is a goddess she taught her people and she was it.  She eventually bore a Son named Tammuz claiming the same immaculate conception this time by the suns rays.  Tammuz liked rabbits
and this obviously became a great tradition later on, being the Son of a GOD. When Tammuz was killed by wild boar while hunting , ISHTAR/Semerimas deified her son in ritual.  So as on easter today on the first sunday after the first full moon SUN-day( get it?)  The Godliness of these two deities, Tammuz and BAAL were celebrated and comemorated with ISHTAR eggs and rabbits, and HAM symbolizing the boar that killed TAMMUZ.  The Religion based on the rising sun reminds me of  
Ishtar created a mystery religion, The mother of heaven even gave signs whether actual or based upon lies to win over the people she was brain washing, she turned a bird into an egg laying rabbit 
This is chamber is called the "pool of the black star"
the 8-pointed star is also a symbol meant to signify ISHTAR
This is inside the Winnipeg legislative building.
Winnipeg is also the geographical center of North america.


For as the story goes Virgins would be seeded by a priest of ISHTAR on the altar at vernal Equinox and then a year later the 3 month old infants would be sacrificed at the altar on the following spring equinox- the blood would then be used to paint the eggs which would represent resurrection and rebirth. (VIRGINS/ BLOOD SACRFICES) wow terrible stuff.  blood splatter baby!!!

All around us are the symbols of paganism and the rites of fertility and keeping  the earth (GAIA) refreshed with the blood of so many sacrfices here  on EARTH.  People are constantly dying around the world from wars instigated not so much for power and recources and control although those all play a big part but more so for ritual progression of our voluntary sacrifice and suicide as we waste away at the hands of those who proclaim themselves to be the governments,officials, the authorities, kings , queens, gods and goddesses.  So here we are, modern day humanity, not exactly the beacon of hope and freedom on a planet that is literally paradise. Why is this? We have all the resources we could ever need on the planet and all the knowledge to create a world where all the needs of humanity could be fullfilled thousands of times over.  Free energy is a possibility, there is literally a sea of energy around us, for all is vibration and all fluctuates.  The atom is a conductor as its parts are all divided by spaces and electro/magnetic type properties.These spaces allow charges to form, for a wave of vibration needs to be able to osscilate between two points positive and negative.  For the sake of all things real and true we have all the power we could ever need- as each atom is basically a power plant of possibility.  Imagine where humanity would be if a hundred years ago the world evolved with the electric car instead of the gasoline/ and oil powered world we now live in. 

                      HAM ANYONE?   Here piggy, piggy, piggy  have an ISHTAR SURPRISE
Peace and prosperity to you all. till next time

Friday, 6 April 2012


Good day myfriends and welcome!
I was thinking to myself the other day about answers and questions.  It left me to conclude that one essentially might mirror the other.  I also watched a Television show called "TOUCH"- Its about a boy
who sees the universe as it is, or rather lets say he sees how every event as a pattern will lead to every other event past /present or future and so basically he and his father KIEFER SUTHERLAND go on little "meant to be journeys" through the natural ratios that predicate events or rather seem to be gate keepers to them if you can REAL EYES and RECOGNIZE...anyway there is a character in the show that is connected to "Martin" kiefer sutherland, by way of 9/11 as the fire fighter that could not save the life of his wife, and so the man needs to make ammends in his life. The man ends up in a church in episode 4 of season 1 and he was talking with a priest and ended up divulging his story and ofcourse he felt as one does after a confession free of a burden (depends on people i suppose) where im getting at though is that a priest is no different than a therapist and in talking to another you are really talking to yourself and merely facing yourself through another and because as all things are contained in each other and all quantum paritcles perhaps entangled with one another just as water drops seem to come together and create vast oceans then SEEM to just melt together SEAMlessly(think: threads of events)So really in a sense the man was merely facing a super position mirror possibility of himself in another form. Well what im getting to is that in some inter dimensional way that we might not yet grasp or might never fully comprehend, The universe reflects all possibles and events just as cause and effect affects change as it does so paths of events get created, some notice them and some dont but all things fit just perfectly... Now i would like to follow the proverbial white rabbit down NUMB ER lane - - - - So 9 numbers- - - - - - as being the only existing numbers as far as single digits go and after is but an addition of whats left over, either way non of them exist in sense of matter for they are but abstracts, but if concious observation actually affects the flow of electrons in certain circum(FERENCE)stances then abstracts must have basis in choose.      HERE   IS THE NINE NUMBER SQUARE

                                            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
                              2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9
                              3 6 9 3 6 9 3 6 9
                              4 8 3 7 2 6 1 5 9
                          W  5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 E
                              6 3 9 6 3 9 6 3 9
                              7 5 3 1 8 6 4 2 9
                              8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
                              9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Here is how i got the numbers: its just a basic 1 to 9 times table, one horizontal and one vertical like
a 90 degreee angle eh. But all Double digit numbers were reduced to single digits- for example
 5x2= 10 so its 1 or say 3x6 =18 so its 9, 1+8=9 get it?    Ok now lets see what we can find within the square.

 We can see the 1 times table and the 8 times table are mirroring each other, just like the 7 and 2,
6 and 3,  5 and 4--- just follow the numbers---- the reason i call it the SQUARE OF 9 is that all numbers vertically and horizontally will tally up to be 9. and the fact that within the middle of this square you find a cross form of numbers that equal to 9- they are... 45,81,36,72,27,63,18,54,99
again up and down/ AS ABOVE SO BELOW all are 9. Now look at the 3,6 and 9 times tables for they seem to cointain an order that seem to play as sort of nodal points between numbers-- this reminds me allot of MARK RODINS work on number theory and Vortex physics.  Onward to another fantastic little secret within this little square is the obvious 90 degree angle of RED nines(9) and what lays in the middle of 90 degrees?  45 degrees-     But what do the numbers add up to in rainbow color?     1+4+9+7+7+9+4+1= 42---- or 42 degrees and why is fourty two so siginificant
for it is the RAINBOW ROAD for it is at 42 degrees that light through a prism breaks into its constituent colors and it is at 42 degrees that an observer views a rainbow through water droplets( interesting how the light arcs like a bridge) Its also the answer to life, the universe and everything in the movie hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, but that also lends to the fact that through the weird irony that is multi dimensional existence ideas that constitute reality can sometimes enter the mind through the ether by simply implying in manifest reality to do so.  This all leads me to life paths and how events mirror each other- and reflect back the lessons that we need to learn through our lives, these lessons seem to already be instigated by us unknowingly at early ages by the simple yet complex choices that we make driven by the universe or perhaps the breaths that we now take and blow out ripple through time like a butter fly effect and loops back over the entirety of existence  to create the juncture of choice we now find ourselves at.   FRACTAL ALLEY -which way, which way? the witch way


Please explore the square and get back to me with ideas- i shall further explore all of these posibilities in later posts and reveal more know LEDGES so we can all climb to the top of enlightenment...whatever that might mean.

thanks for Coming to the PHARM

Thursday, 5 April 2012

its day 2- i want to get back to whats real and natural

This is a picture of the Sun today, why so blackened out and full of smudgy black spots and crappy
rendering or can i assume this is intentional?  Well either way somethings up according to SOHO data
the Sun has become an active little boy, but we know this from all the strange days of planetary weather
that we have experienced so far since the year has begun. Is it only me or does the weather seem a little 2012 ish to you.  Either way the universe is changing and the winds of change are arising to bring us into the new epoch that awaits.   The worlds political system has not gotten any better, it is still full of sludge and slime readying itself to terminate 95% of life on the planet and take whats left over after a global calamity for themselves, but this is self evident when you look at the behaviour of those puppets
who claim to be there for our best interest or likewise the will of the people; that will does not provide profit unfortunately.  As if money, this abstract idea ritually and alchemically formed into material existence ruling the lives of almost all on this planet acctually is really the goal of the elite. For money as PROFIT really is the FALSE PROPHET used to herd the sheeples of peoples to their
doom of self voluntary poisoning and toxic intake of "FOOD" so full of detrimental chemicals
that it leaves One awestruck when one realizes the truth of it all and ofcourse not to mention vaccines and all medicines as they stand coming from the pharmacutical industries to turn a profit. Then ofcourse there is the no-choice matter of Fluoride added to our most needed source of survival; WATER.  The nerve of these bastards! Not to mention chemtrails which riddle the sky like Spider webs according to HOPI prophecy. oh yeah! it was foretold. 

For all the senses that we have recieved in our minds and bodies we barely use them much unless of course its the 5 senses that we feed like over stimulated fat pigs, with what corporate plutocracy has put infront of us to herd the cattle in the right direction, or more so their direction.  See that picture above ? That tree is part of a system for example the river next to it feeds that tree and on that tree grows moss and each tree takes in light from the sun and ofcourse as we know whatever dies in nature becomes food for grows out of it next.  Just as trees grow ,we grow and are part of a system so enfolded in on itself that every part of the system is there to sustain another yet we have the ability to upset this system if we chose to do so, and many corporations are now doing this so they can own it all for themselves yeha baby! But anyway other than those dick heads us being a part of a system, means we also have every cure for every ailment at our disposal and not just a treatment for symptoms.  Think about it this way - there is nothing that exists that is not linked to absolutely everything else - and in that thought direction as we know we are part of this natural planet earth and not part of the synthetic world that surrounds most of us now, we can assume that everything necessary for our survival and perhaps immortality was already available before we started wiping out the majority of plant and animal species for greedy ventures that already had better alternatives available but chose the worst of it becuase it turned  (A FALSE PROPHET- for money is only an idea)  non the less the earth still survives and oh do I ever feel Her birth pangs coming on. Get ready for those BIRTHQUAKES.  Now here let me enlighten you in a direction mighty natural---- Everything vibrates -and has a frequency by which we can identify energy levels / now think acupuncture and the fact that  body has energy meridians running through out it, we truely are electro chemical beings.  Now every organ in your body as a frequency of its own and when one gets sick ones body is not in tune and there is disharmony- so the fact that the heart has the capacity to create magnetic fields as it is doing right now as you read these words, one can use the heart in one self to reallign those frequncies not intune within the body--- these truely are the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Thats why it is imperative that we seek the knowledge that has been stolen from us and kept for so long by the ugliness of greed.

Either way things are changing and quckly they will, for actions will rebound and karma will cresendo to a point of clarity and revelation for us all, but let not forget that we are the working dynamic to this change..

its your choice LADIES AND GENTLEMEN of earth.

PEACE! goose

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to the PHARM

REALIZE - with real eyes

Hello and welcome to the phoenix pharm where i will try and provide you
with my ideas and others ideas comingled into a soup that might resemble knowledge.
This blog space will be used for exploring and discovering many things.
Synchromysticism and gnosis a focus, while i shall definitely rant and rave on issues
i feel need addressing! for there are many dirty filthy things going on our planet and i dont deny on other planets as well so let us go forth and set things right.

Pretty isnt she... yes thats the type of sight seeing we will get to view up close...

mmmm just smell that methane( or what have you) Well what i am really trying
to say is, that there is a cabal of baddies definitely trying to murder the majority
of us living on this planet whether you are HUman or not, and you know perhaps
they are a necessary lesson for our collective mind to never let such a force take
control of us again or but a manifestation of dualism and its dark side at work...
or maybe we are just asleep zombies and the elite just a bunch of fuck faces.
These are the types of discussions one can also expect from phoenix pharm.

So come on down/up to the pharm and have a good ol' spiral time

"Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you–
Ye are many–they are few."

now i leave you for the time being to go swimming ! but heres a tidbit of WORD fun

PIZZA ----------- PI 3.1415 (circle)     Z= 26 letters in the ALEPH BET
there are 2 Z's so 26 +26 =52-----     52 weeks in one year ---  A= protractor/pyramid

now think pizza/italian/leonardo da vinci/sacred knowledge...    get my drift
pizza describes PI and the orbit of 52 weeks/365 days and a protractor to do it
all professional like....

maybe on my next post i will include the list of words that i have worked out
or at least broken down to mean something in my perspective... also at some point i shall make an expose of the CITY OF SASKATOON--or toon town/   lots weird shit my fellow