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The Road Less Traveled - A path that leads to more than what you have known before.

Welcome once again my human family to the Phoenix Pharm, where we explore the strangeness that is our reality.  As im sure most of you know its the EASTER weekend --- So lets go ahead and explore what most of you dont know- So where is this going to lead us, why into the EAST! ofcourse.  To the old culture of Babylon (I dont understand you, you are babbling, babylon)  We would all like to know for certain that our beliefs in religion are securely based on factual reality. Unfortuneatly it takes research and peering in the Hidden side of things to really be sure of anything.  For how can one possibly know the truth of anything unless you seek it.  The common man might know easter as something to do with Ham, Jesus, Eggs and rabbits, but for those who have seen its true origins know it is much different.
History has so much more to show than is allowed by those victors of wars who have covered up the links between cultures so that we might never find out that we are much more of an ancient specie with a far more colorful past than we could have ever imagined.
Easter is a ritual which has its roots in many cultures, if we think of the christian version then we can see a reflection of celestial events. Even though the dates are different for many stories of the easter ritual, the basis is the same; the vernal spring time equinox. Natures cycles play an integral part in how most cultures(PRIEST CLASS) from the past regulated their lives and that of their societies,  and if you would look a little closer at modern day religions you would see they borrow allot from ancient religions and traditions.  I would like to note though that the way the world works currently as a financial, war mongering machine seems be far away from what nature had intended.

............................ THE SPRING EQUINOX in ham string:   It is the cosmic announcement of spring
 where the winter SUN dies and  where the summer SUN is ressurected and born again to cause EQUINOX as : "equal night" as the SUN hangs on the solar cross of equinox and solstice it descends for 3 days and is reborn.  This happens on March 20 or March 21 depending on leap year gregorian calender incongruencies.Precisely on March 20 at 05:14 universal time. The Sun will cross directly over the EARTH's equator, and of course when it turns to spring in the Northern Hemisphere it will become Autumn in the southern hemisphere, this is all caused by the 23.5 degree tilt at which the EARTH faces the SUN as it orbits. Anyway Easter usually lands on the first sunday after the first full moon (look at the sky tonight).  For in spring time the "LIGHT OF THE WORLD"  rises and defeats the darkness, the rites of fertility of life begins.

 This beautiful day is a nodal point for the EARTH in its seamlessly eternal wobble toward the procession of the equinoxes where the Kali Yuga shall end and and a new age shall begin.  An age where man will hopefully have outgrown all the greedy and unhealthy tendencies instilled and provided for us by THE RULING ELITE PRIEST CLASS and their Astrotheological rituals.
           There is a reason why the word SUMMER is so close to SUMER-think Sumerian the ancient lands of MESO-POTAMIA, the land of babylon the lands between the rivers.  Let me tell you the story of the the self proclaimed goddess ISHTAR.  According to Biblical chronology Noah(the super awesome bio-vault boat guy)  had a Son name HAM and then Ham had a Son named CUSH
Cush married the assyrian Queen Semerimas, Cush and Semerimas had a Son named Nimrod.
            After King CUSH died Nimrod married Semerimas his mother and became a powerful king and ofcourse a king has a queen;his momma. So the kingdom of BABEL began.  So as the story goes Nimrod was finally killed ( here the story seems to compare quite well with the egyptian story of OSIRIS and ISIS) his body was cut up in pieces and scattered- all were eventually recovered except for one; His penis/ PHALLUS(obelisk) .  Here began the mystery religion of EASTER(ISHTAR)
for she claimed that Nimrod had now ascended to the SUN and has become the SUN GOD "Baal".
She being his counterpart became the equivalent moon-goddess. Often Compared to The VIRGIN MARY Semerimas announced to the people of the kingdom a few facts of her godly existence.
  • She came down in a moon egg that fell in Euphrates river
  • She was concieved immaculately.
The moon is a goddess she taught her people and she was it.  She eventually bore a Son named Tammuz claiming the same immaculate conception this time by the suns rays.  Tammuz liked rabbits
and this obviously became a great tradition later on, being the Son of a GOD. When Tammuz was killed by wild boar while hunting , ISHTAR/Semerimas deified her son in ritual.  So as on easter today on the first sunday after the first full moon SUN-day( get it?)  The Godliness of these two deities, Tammuz and BAAL were celebrated and comemorated with ISHTAR eggs and rabbits, and HAM symbolizing the boar that killed TAMMUZ.  The Religion based on the rising sun reminds me of  
Ishtar created a mystery religion, The mother of heaven even gave signs whether actual or based upon lies to win over the people she was brain washing, she turned a bird into an egg laying rabbit 
This is chamber is called the "pool of the black star"
the 8-pointed star is also a symbol meant to signify ISHTAR
This is inside the Winnipeg legislative building.
Winnipeg is also the geographical center of North america.


For as the story goes Virgins would be seeded by a priest of ISHTAR on the altar at vernal Equinox and then a year later the 3 month old infants would be sacrificed at the altar on the following spring equinox- the blood would then be used to paint the eggs which would represent resurrection and rebirth. (VIRGINS/ BLOOD SACRFICES) wow terrible stuff.  blood splatter baby!!!

All around us are the symbols of paganism and the rites of fertility and keeping  the earth (GAIA) refreshed with the blood of so many sacrfices here  on EARTH.  People are constantly dying around the world from wars instigated not so much for power and recources and control although those all play a big part but more so for ritual progression of our voluntary sacrifice and suicide as we waste away at the hands of those who proclaim themselves to be the governments,officials, the authorities, kings , queens, gods and goddesses.  So here we are, modern day humanity, not exactly the beacon of hope and freedom on a planet that is literally paradise. Why is this? We have all the resources we could ever need on the planet and all the knowledge to create a world where all the needs of humanity could be fullfilled thousands of times over.  Free energy is a possibility, there is literally a sea of energy around us, for all is vibration and all fluctuates.  The atom is a conductor as its parts are all divided by spaces and electro/magnetic type properties.These spaces allow charges to form, for a wave of vibration needs to be able to osscilate between two points positive and negative.  For the sake of all things real and true we have all the power we could ever need- as each atom is basically a power plant of possibility.  Imagine where humanity would be if a hundred years ago the world evolved with the electric car instead of the gasoline/ and oil powered world we now live in. 

                      HAM ANYONE?   Here piggy, piggy, piggy  have an ISHTAR SURPRISE
Peace and prosperity to you all. till next time

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