Thursday, 5 April 2012

its day 2- i want to get back to whats real and natural

This is a picture of the Sun today, why so blackened out and full of smudgy black spots and crappy
rendering or can i assume this is intentional?  Well either way somethings up according to SOHO data
the Sun has become an active little boy, but we know this from all the strange days of planetary weather
that we have experienced so far since the year has begun. Is it only me or does the weather seem a little 2012 ish to you.  Either way the universe is changing and the winds of change are arising to bring us into the new epoch that awaits.   The worlds political system has not gotten any better, it is still full of sludge and slime readying itself to terminate 95% of life on the planet and take whats left over after a global calamity for themselves, but this is self evident when you look at the behaviour of those puppets
who claim to be there for our best interest or likewise the will of the people; that will does not provide profit unfortunately.  As if money, this abstract idea ritually and alchemically formed into material existence ruling the lives of almost all on this planet acctually is really the goal of the elite. For money as PROFIT really is the FALSE PROPHET used to herd the sheeples of peoples to their
doom of self voluntary poisoning and toxic intake of "FOOD" so full of detrimental chemicals
that it leaves One awestruck when one realizes the truth of it all and ofcourse not to mention vaccines and all medicines as they stand coming from the pharmacutical industries to turn a profit. Then ofcourse there is the no-choice matter of Fluoride added to our most needed source of survival; WATER.  The nerve of these bastards! Not to mention chemtrails which riddle the sky like Spider webs according to HOPI prophecy. oh yeah! it was foretold. 

For all the senses that we have recieved in our minds and bodies we barely use them much unless of course its the 5 senses that we feed like over stimulated fat pigs, with what corporate plutocracy has put infront of us to herd the cattle in the right direction, or more so their direction.  See that picture above ? That tree is part of a system for example the river next to it feeds that tree and on that tree grows moss and each tree takes in light from the sun and ofcourse as we know whatever dies in nature becomes food for grows out of it next.  Just as trees grow ,we grow and are part of a system so enfolded in on itself that every part of the system is there to sustain another yet we have the ability to upset this system if we chose to do so, and many corporations are now doing this so they can own it all for themselves yeha baby! But anyway other than those dick heads us being a part of a system, means we also have every cure for every ailment at our disposal and not just a treatment for symptoms.  Think about it this way - there is nothing that exists that is not linked to absolutely everything else - and in that thought direction as we know we are part of this natural planet earth and not part of the synthetic world that surrounds most of us now, we can assume that everything necessary for our survival and perhaps immortality was already available before we started wiping out the majority of plant and animal species for greedy ventures that already had better alternatives available but chose the worst of it becuase it turned  (A FALSE PROPHET- for money is only an idea)  non the less the earth still survives and oh do I ever feel Her birth pangs coming on. Get ready for those BIRTHQUAKES.  Now here let me enlighten you in a direction mighty natural---- Everything vibrates -and has a frequency by which we can identify energy levels / now think acupuncture and the fact that  body has energy meridians running through out it, we truely are electro chemical beings.  Now every organ in your body as a frequency of its own and when one gets sick ones body is not in tune and there is disharmony- so the fact that the heart has the capacity to create magnetic fields as it is doing right now as you read these words, one can use the heart in one self to reallign those frequncies not intune within the body--- these truely are the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Thats why it is imperative that we seek the knowledge that has been stolen from us and kept for so long by the ugliness of greed.

Either way things are changing and quckly they will, for actions will rebound and karma will cresendo to a point of clarity and revelation for us all, but let not forget that we are the working dynamic to this change..

its your choice LADIES AND GENTLEMEN of earth.

PEACE! goose

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  1. Hey Gustav, curious as to what you think of the 2012 doomsday theories and why. Do you think December 22nd will come and if so will anything have changed from the day prior?