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I was thinking to myself the other day about answers and questions.  It left me to conclude that one essentially might mirror the other.  I also watched a Television show called "TOUCH"- Its about a boy
who sees the universe as it is, or rather lets say he sees how every event as a pattern will lead to every other event past /present or future and so basically he and his father KIEFER SUTHERLAND go on little "meant to be journeys" through the natural ratios that predicate events or rather seem to be gate keepers to them if you can REAL EYES and RECOGNIZE...anyway there is a character in the show that is connected to "Martin" kiefer sutherland, by way of 9/11 as the fire fighter that could not save the life of his wife, and so the man needs to make ammends in his life. The man ends up in a church in episode 4 of season 1 and he was talking with a priest and ended up divulging his story and ofcourse he felt as one does after a confession free of a burden (depends on people i suppose) where im getting at though is that a priest is no different than a therapist and in talking to another you are really talking to yourself and merely facing yourself through another and because as all things are contained in each other and all quantum paritcles perhaps entangled with one another just as water drops seem to come together and create vast oceans then SEEM to just melt together SEAMlessly(think: threads of events)So really in a sense the man was merely facing a super position mirror possibility of himself in another form. Well what im getting to is that in some inter dimensional way that we might not yet grasp or might never fully comprehend, The universe reflects all possibles and events just as cause and effect affects change as it does so paths of events get created, some notice them and some dont but all things fit just perfectly... Now i would like to follow the proverbial white rabbit down NUMB ER lane - - - - So 9 numbers- - - - - - as being the only existing numbers as far as single digits go and after is but an addition of whats left over, either way non of them exist in sense of matter for they are but abstracts, but if concious observation actually affects the flow of electrons in certain circum(FERENCE)stances then abstracts must have basis in choose.      HERE   IS THE NINE NUMBER SQUARE

                                            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
                              2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9
                              3 6 9 3 6 9 3 6 9
                              4 8 3 7 2 6 1 5 9
                          W  5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 E
                              6 3 9 6 3 9 6 3 9
                              7 5 3 1 8 6 4 2 9
                              8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
                              9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Here is how i got the numbers: its just a basic 1 to 9 times table, one horizontal and one vertical like
a 90 degreee angle eh. But all Double digit numbers were reduced to single digits- for example
 5x2= 10 so its 1 or say 3x6 =18 so its 9, 1+8=9 get it?    Ok now lets see what we can find within the square.

 We can see the 1 times table and the 8 times table are mirroring each other, just like the 7 and 2,
6 and 3,  5 and 4--- just follow the numbers---- the reason i call it the SQUARE OF 9 is that all numbers vertically and horizontally will tally up to be 9. and the fact that within the middle of this square you find a cross form of numbers that equal to 9- they are... 45,81,36,72,27,63,18,54,99
again up and down/ AS ABOVE SO BELOW all are 9. Now look at the 3,6 and 9 times tables for they seem to cointain an order that seem to play as sort of nodal points between numbers-- this reminds me allot of MARK RODINS work on number theory and Vortex physics.  Onward to another fantastic little secret within this little square is the obvious 90 degree angle of RED nines(9) and what lays in the middle of 90 degrees?  45 degrees-     But what do the numbers add up to in rainbow color?     1+4+9+7+7+9+4+1= 42---- or 42 degrees and why is fourty two so siginificant
for it is the RAINBOW ROAD for it is at 42 degrees that light through a prism breaks into its constituent colors and it is at 42 degrees that an observer views a rainbow through water droplets( interesting how the light arcs like a bridge) Its also the answer to life, the universe and everything in the movie hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, but that also lends to the fact that through the weird irony that is multi dimensional existence ideas that constitute reality can sometimes enter the mind through the ether by simply implying in manifest reality to do so.  This all leads me to life paths and how events mirror each other- and reflect back the lessons that we need to learn through our lives, these lessons seem to already be instigated by us unknowingly at early ages by the simple yet complex choices that we make driven by the universe or perhaps the breaths that we now take and blow out ripple through time like a butter fly effect and loops back over the entirety of existence  to create the juncture of choice we now find ourselves at.   FRACTAL ALLEY -which way, which way? the witch way


Please explore the square and get back to me with ideas- i shall further explore all of these posibilities in later posts and reveal more know LEDGES so we can all climb to the top of enlightenment...whatever that might mean.

thanks for Coming to the PHARM

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