Monday, 16 April 2012


THE SONS OF THE SUNS of the (F)ather -(ETHER)

Good day/ evening/ night/MOURNING---Sunshine.  

Who are you and who am I- why you know what we are? We are the STARS for it is within those nuclear furnaces that all matter was created, and scattered throughout the universe.  All these chemical elements eventually attach themselves to gas and through centripetal (Latin:Centrum= center/ Petere= Seek) and Centrifugal forces (Fugere = to flee) so literally to SEEK center or to FLEE center. All of these chemical elements are attracted to one another and spin around a common center to create bodies(Planets).  As many people describe this vortexual energy- like EDDIES(mini surface whirlpools) in water. Turns out organic life as we know it is based upon the most common chemical elements in the observable universe Hydrogen, Oxygen and carbon for those bond together and create organic compounds. I should say though Helium is the second most abundant- For Helium is named after the Greek god of the sun HELIOS. As you can SEA/SEE through the point im making we pretty much are STARDUST.  It is these Fusion centres which create within themselves the very things necessary for life to exist.  These are the g8 ways that we are.  This is saying nothing of consciousness, for where doth this perceptive power spring ? Where is this WELL located for within it we may SYNC, and sink well we will.   The Well is the SUN and the bucket to get whats in the well is the PINEAL gland ---your pine cone.

Where do you find yourself right now? Are you the center of everything in your world? Your always right in the thick of it all- or at least where your choices lead you.  The whole world surrounds you like a circle and you a dot in the middle of it all but never quite centered just like PI you are transcendental and you are irrational to the manufactured view of the SLAVE system, you and i are infinite. PI the circle that surround you are infinite.        ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This symbol is the Egyptian hieroglyph for the SUN.
We are what IS,IS whats around it. We are ISIS unveiled
At least we have it in our DNA to do so, yet our true connection to the universe and all life stays dormant.  ---- Up the s-PI-ral stair case to (H)eaven so that all maybe even and balanced once more, AS ABOVE SO BELOW . Earth a reflection of the heavens, And we basically are the SUNS of heaven experiencing themselves in different forms through extension. The symbol for the SUN also seems to be an eye- as if a relation between the two were being formulated for our perception.
We too may rise to the stars and be born of FIRE only perhaps to fall to ashes and destroy what surrounds us- As goes the cycles of the yet so unknown cosmos lost through the ages.  From the bowels of the earth might come a great fire or force unexpected by all of us. This mythological bird SEAMS to have allot of connections to and fro as it connects to many Occult groups in relation to the ELITES and their various use of the eagle symbol in their logos of similar roman conquest.
The phoenix holds true to us just as much as anything else that exists. For with death comes rebirth, and so we must L/earn the lessons through life and retain the experience that we have gained in this one to the next and we grow more powerful as we  gather and seek more knowledge.
Through the SUN as a conduit do we gain understanding. THE KHABS IS IN THE KHU, NOT THE KHU IN THE KHABS.   ------------ the driving force that surrounds/ the ethereal next dimensional density  water/A.K.A the SPIRIT.    Khu= Spirit,  Khabs= stars.     What we are as beings with understanding and the ability to change at will the events and circum(FERENCE)stances that surround our lives/Ives/HIVES?
---------------------------------------- /       Light can illuminate to truth or it can blind /------/ somethings are just obvious.

Sorry for the small photo/ it says PHOENIX brands .   Goodbye sunshine.



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