Friday, 20 April 2012

420 - the Color Revolution

The Day of 42---/  THE CONDUIT DAY


In the big mass of things we have spun another Thread in what is to be the Loom of the universe,  we are upon another Revolution in the wheel of the universe.  Think about a day of great siginificance to have a signature  SIGN-NATURE --(sigil)  Today many people will smoke a whole lot of marijuana- 420 the holiday for celebrating cannabis that wonder plant with its many medical, environmental and textile applications. Also a day known to have a many various historical significances such as being Adolf Hitlers birthday.  Non the less this day has a certain feeling and vibe to it, it feels like a day of
open dissent toward a system intent upon invading the freedoms of
human beings natural to this planet of EARTH. For this day for me feels like a day of open expression, one where we the many grow the proverbial balls people often talked about. A day where we say FUCK YOU to the royal/PRIEST class scum and their system of enslavement---42--42--42---42--42---42---42---42---42---42---42
- its the idea of a revolution of a ball, as we roll and turn the EVENT HORIZION.its a CONDUIT  ---CON-(duat) DAY  its the day of the DUAT the day of the rainbow the day where the 42 degrees of the rainbow meet our minds. Where we might meet the requirments to enter the rabbit whole but first we need to find a key to the rainbow road- so our PINE -eal gland might reflect the 42 degrees of duat in the EGYPTIAN UNDERWORLD(Rabbit hole of consiousness) and where we will become the conduit for cosmic energy. MAAT will judge our  HEARTS to her FEATHER (earth)(ether)  Through the EARTH you are grounded between the ionospere and the surface of the EARTH - The schumann resonance is our way into infinity with the body and the mind (THE RYTHM IS THE KEY AS THEY OPEN UP THE DOOR) There is a cavity that acts as a conducter between the atmosphere, for as lightning continuously strike, as many as a 1000 times at any moment. There exists a voltage potential of approx 200000 Volts at any give place inbetween the EARTH and the inner edge of the IONOSPHERE 55 kilometers up, it is an upFLOW(er)ING Current.  To be observed the electro magnetic  quasi standing waves have to be stimulated and excited. This I believe can be done through the HEART (earth), for the Heart is able to generate magnetic field fluxes- for one truely can control the HEART , we are just not conciously trying to gain control of our bodily processes. You have a CHEST - a treasure chest for your Heart... One should be able to use ones body as a conduit through which electomagnetism may flow/ i believe though it to be a much subtler energy------------ for everything is connected through its composite and related systems--- For example: Each Chakra acting as a Nodal point on the acupuncture energy meridians on the body correlates with the 7 Colors 7 Notes 7 Colors 7 days of the week -- just an example though for this is much more complicated than I rightly understand- For there is a system of 12 set up in this universe as their are 12 TONES/ on the piano  7 White and 5 black, each set seperated by Ascending or Descending OCTAVES-----Octagonal AVENUE ---- reminds me of a DOUBLE SQUARE geometery.  Perhaps all that seperates DI-men-Zions
are G8 ways like so many wondeful SYNCHROMISTICISTS have expressed.  The 8 ways of the GATE WAYS---
Lets explore some words --- Lets discuss
the nature of the vibrating/fluxing Universe we live in. 
42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42-42 The Key is SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE BABY!!!!
A cascade of electro magnetic WAVES surround us--W-avenues/ up and down paths.  We interperet these waves with our Brain computer through electrical impulses into what we see around us, our Emotions are Energy in motion for at high intensities of emotion do we notice allot of extra sensory phenomenon for example we feel a tense vibe in the air when entering a room.  When events happen there is a collapse of the last event as moments - CO-lapse and sync with one another.  It is on what we place importance/ Or as we IMPORT- a tense/ or tension and depending on how tightly WOUND or UNWOUND(coiled and uncoiled) the STRING is, gives it its tension and  this will determine what type of KEY it becomes- For there are 12 KEYS, Its the strings tension that also determines how much energy may enter and be bounced off it. For Tension or TENSE is also time related --TIME:EMITS    Past tense-present tense-Future tense. What Im getting to is that 42/ the day of 420 is the time of year in our 365 day string that is the symbolic nodal point of  the RAINBOW - The point in time where tensions are loosened and in the light of the peacfull customs of Rastafarians we all toke up!!! Its where we unwind and let the KUNDALINI SERPENT SPIRIT flow through us up our SPINE(pine)/ rings a BELL in my HEAD to the movie title "The Serpent and The Rainbow"   Either way that was a tidbit good ness from Me to You ... Dont forget  be a STUDENT OF THE RAINBOW---- A PUPIL OF THE IRIS.

Peace of Pi--lol i like that.


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