Saturday, 26 May 2012


WELCOME!!! To the Phoenix Pharm

It has definitely been a while- but i think i am finally ready to present a trip in SYNCHRO MYSTICISM that goes well beyond mere coincidences or rather COIN-(two sides) Co in cidenses- get?  Anyway  I Just had my new SUN! a little baby boy with the birthday of 19th May 2012, alot of nineteens in my family now ...  His Name Is ION ENKI LEON BEKKER! i wish him a life of legacy and super awesome space adventure and saving the galaxy, or whatever he wants to do!

This post and perhaps the next will explore the significance's in cities - and their lay outs and how they are built in such way that they expose' a certain ritualistic symbolism and geometery to those with eyes to see--- For with Real eyes we realize -

I will go over a few photo examples here of cities with a bit of ritualistic lay out to them-

This is London- See the pentagram pattern- and the SERPENTINE? pretty obvious...

This is paris- wait till you see the entire thing? - notice all the GEOMETRIC shapes and all the Compass/pyramid/ triangles.

Paris--- think da-vinci(italian i know) code...freemasons/ Rosicrucian .  Do you see all the Pyramids and all seeing eye symbolism.

see what im getting at? The world is Full of examples of cities built to hide some very important concepts and ideas-in plain sight- Take a look at this documentary if your interested to look much much deeper at this idea. It is called ``Secrets in plain sight`` and it is a brilliant study into this realm of things---

Now much ado here we come to the City of Saskatoon located in Canada and it is where i currently reside--- It has a very open-roots feel when it comes to artists of all kinds. It has 7 bridges and is often referred to as the CITY OF BRIDGES. 7 is a very prominent number (SEVEN) as it relates to the Chakras the seven colors and the seven Natural notes of the C scale.  So i took the liberty of starting a little photo tour around the city to show some interesting, cryptic and rather strange features of this fair city with its obvious MYSTERY SCHOOL presence. Now to make sense of it all I shall start with the biggest symbol of Saskatoon, The Phoenix.

So this is the City Hospital down town next to the river, to me this looks like a bird taking flight- hence allot of phoenix symbolism in the city- It also looks very much like a pyramid and Cap stone depending upon the angle viewed-but for the most part the geometry is perfect. --- I should mention right across the river is the Universe City of Saskatchewan University Hospital--- so perhaps the phoenix takes flight toward higher ALUMNI learning.---- this is just a little intro to this very strange city, I will leave you with a photo that might just give your mind the acceptance factor needed to give creedance to the theory

This is a building in saskatoon called the sturdy stone. History and more on it later.

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  2. ooh LA LA! Hey Gustav! if you are ever in my neck of the woods (Madison, Minnesota) I would love to have a chat with you! such an amazing Ideas you have, you wear the big jacket no?