Tuesday, 17 July 2012


GOOD DAY- Its a Rap- so wrap it up and send it to the right people 

Let’s reminisce on Jews, Muslims and Christians World War 2 brought the united nations into existence with consistent persistence they keep on pushing their plan all of us still influenced by some or other hidden hand.  With AIPAC at the top of US foreign policy don’t you see the pattern between Ashkenazi reverse victim psychology, Jewish people aren’t the enemies they are but the scape goats in this massive global conspiracy- History reveals if researched the NAZI Zionist threat – Neoconic illusions to confuse, a ruse to get you upset as new laws and statutes come into effect that make it a crime to tell the truth about Palestinian genocide perpetrated by Israel, a racist state in fact they robbed and pillaged the most Arab’s lands instead of living together in harmony Anti-Defamation league, peaceful probability, critical credibility. 
 ILLUMINATI bankers at the top Bernanke wants a cut of what he’s already got, that lizards got no empathy no moral sensibility and Rothschild’s system of money based integral interdependency.  Hey you slaves you sheeple wake the fuck up don’t you see what’s going on? False flag attacks on Iran, a ban on reporting in Sudan Darfur and the rest, considerable losses I must detest, the arrest, my rights are read. New world order erasing every border into one big super state riot cops, thought police mind rape. Search and destroy, deceptive tactics are to be employed through Joy and through pain here comes FEMA with red and blue lists calling your name.
  Don’t think this only applies to Americans, the world’s populations are endanger of cataclysmic annihilation .  the  ELITE know this, they want to use us all for slavery, that was the agenda when we were first created , genetically manipulated, tools for space aliens , the Draco’s or either the paladeians , this closed minded society, no variety , repeating that circle again and again , reprimanding your assailants hand for the harm that he has done.

Deception their only defensive measure for winning elections, revolution is mentioned, the streets break out in protest, we forget superficial things, we’ll use every whim the people of earth, even since birth when your imagination was still vibrant , true inner enlightened alignment .  Inconsequential design makes it time to revolt against dictatorial tyrants. Robotic drones calling the white house home, ring ,ring, Mr. president it’s the red phone.  Its genera patreuss just wondering if were still going through with the satanic séances- the exact time on which Baghdad was first bombed precisely 5:50 on the 20th march correlates perfectly with the pagan calendar, these people are evil, inter-dimensional demons, im calling open season on logic and reason, monumental lies and treason, human rights violations and false freedoms. Wars are meant for changing mentalities, so we’d observe passively, with tongue in cheek, ignore the weak, reject the meek that’s what they want our perceptions to be ego-maniacal, irresponsible, dependant on corporate incentive relentless attempts at an artificial friend ship to get control of our life, our brains,our bodies and ultimately our minds with the soul inside, the essence that truly keeps us alive, on the astral planes it never rains, SURVIVE! Here goes my battle cry!
Bodies heaped so high they touch the sky, look into a freemasons eyes to find the what’s and whys’ the reason why so many people had to die. Another thing, we all know 9/11 was an inside but I bet you didn’t know it was acted out by the Israeli mossad.  What nerve these fuckers have to think they can play god, it’s all the same they own the drug trade, always have since the Chinese opium wars, that gave the elite the prospect of a white open door, I want to expose this bullshit right to its corruptive core and gut the beast inside we’ll call her babylons WHORE. 


  1. I just have this to say:

    "Phantom rule, the hidden jewel who's really in control?
    On puppet strings, a nation swings undermined by moles"

    The World Needs a Hero
    by Megadeth