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I would like to discuss  particular synchronicities i noticed in regards to a movie that i recently watched. Night at the Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian.

This film continues on from the last film in the sense that it involves the magical tablet that grants the power to instill life into inanimate objects such as wax figures etc... -  So after a long day of corporate selling out and making money - Ben Stiller comes back to his old museum and notices renovations are to happen and his old friends to be moved.  His old boss then talks about the new museum exhibit where we see the DOUBLE SQUARE or DOUBLE CUBE between 2 black pillars - and the future being one of technology perhaps...

Now these double black pillars might very well be there to resonate with the pillars of Solomon, Jacobin and Boaz pointed out so well by other syncromystic researchers such as Jake Kotze and of course the double square stargate in the middle which is a holographic projector which his old boss says is the wave of the future ...oh 9/11 stargate where art thou? - Even the globe appears to the side of this scene as if the world is but a spectator to whats about to happen with in and with out the human psyche.

The next day the truck with the exhibits which are Ben Stillers' friends are shipped away to Washington D.C. (OL' FREEMASON COUNTRY)  in a container that clearly have the numbers 23 and 42 written on it-Both of these numbers are of great Synchro mystic value if you know where to look- I believe 23 show up more in peoples daily lives than does 42 - Both could be mirrored  24/23 a difference of one  42/32 a difference of ten ... To me meaning the start and finish/ The event horizon of great events about to come...

Lets Quickly talk about what the DUAT is and why the number 42 is also very important...  In Egyptian lore The God of the After-life ANUBIS leads you into the underworld and brings you before MA'AT who then weighs your HEART(earth) against her feather of truth. In this rite of passage one must be able to fulfill the 42 principles or Laws and of course the heart must weigh less than the feather in order to gain pass into the afterlife-

 And so on we move toward a major part obviously having clear masonic 'tendencies' as the scene enters Washington D.C.

Washington monument very adequate 666 meters altogether above and below ground 555-111  mmmmmm- lining up well with the Lincoln Memorial and the capitol building- Oh Columbus- and aligned -
Thought i would add a picture so you would get an idea of the ritual involved when it comes to the mere street design of one of the biggest occult centers in the world- Its basically all information that is geometrically hidden.              
                                                       and if thats enough, which is never...

Mr Ben Stiller comes walking out of a Stargate  -  he exits the spiraling wormhole vortex after he learns from a tour guide at the museum of aeronautics that the Underground vaults are a restricted 'secure' area.

He then enters Washington art museum and we clearly see the 2 black pillars of solomon again, a tree that might be representing YGGDRASIL the world tree in norse mythology and a A nice old RED CUBE to the right of the shot.

                 And ofcourse our young security guard Jonah Hill is wearing a # 42 security badge with sun symbol and the flashlight very adequately describing the relation between light/ enlightenement and the rainbow prism that is 42 degrees - synchromystic BOOM!  -deja'vu just set in as it feels like someone has already done this post -- oh well...    

So the idea is that when one sees a rainbow its because the light has hit your eye at 42 degrees -
Lets recap on the eye

IRIS- rainbow in latin(COLORED part of your eye)
PUPIL- the black dot-  So in essence it means : "To Be a Student Of The RainBOW- for you as a black dot in the middle are surrounded by color"  The lesson is to REALIZE with REAL EYES.

After Ben Stiller AKA Harry Daily has stolen an ID card from "BRUNDON" the security guard he enters the vaults- The underground/ Underworld. He discovers his friends container with the 42 on it and he also sees Khamen Ra and a sortie of guards standing in attack mode infront of the container "frozen in time" and wax... they want the tablet- and just as Ben stiller Gets the tablet they all come back to life.

The Character KHAMEN RA then says to Ben Stiller that With the TABLET he will be able to open the gate to the underworld releasing his army of the dead--- The 42 clearly resonates with what the resurrected egyptian pharaoh is talking about... The DUAT and the underworld.      

And so close to the end of the show Khamen Ra opens up the gates to the underworld- The answer was found to be hidden in the kings chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza - the Code to open the gate is PI
3.14159265359  ---- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

It sort of stares you in the eye then... You decide your CIRCUMSTANCE- Your choices ripple the universal pond and responds back in quantum cause and effect like we can only imagine- Your Circumstance     is literally your Circumference stance - Where do you stand on the edge of the circle of life.

GOOD DAY- Humans

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